Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How To Setup Android Application Development Environment

Android Development Environment in Eclipse

It is very easy to set up Android Development Environment on Eclipse. First of all you need to download the tools and software. You must download followings

  • Java SE Development Kite (JDK 5 or newer)
  • Eclipse IDE for Java Developer
  • Android Software Development Kit

Setup Java

To setup java in your computer you must download java from the oracle site here is the download link

Oracle Java Development kit JDK 7

Java SE Development Kite 7 and then select Accept License Agreement and select your windows platform also

Download Oracle Java

Oracle Java Development kit JDK 7

You are not require to do any changes when you are going to install JDK, just install it in normal way.

Setup Eclipse IDE

Download Eclipse IDE for Java Developer from the and extract the downloaded file.
Eclipse is not require to installation, just run the Eclipse.exe

Download Eclipse IDE for Java Developer

Setup Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

Download Android SDK from and extract the downloaded file and run the SDK Manager

Download Android Software Development kit

Install Android Software Development kit

  • Select Available packages from the left pane and then select any android sdk platform you wish to develop from the right pane, it will take time to complete.
  • Click Install Selected

Download Available Android Software Development kit packeges

  • In the popup select Accept All and Click Install

Install Available Android SDK packeges

Create Android Virtual Device (AVD) on Android SDK

After installation complete select Virtual Device in the left pane and then click NEW in right pane.

Create Android Virtual Device on Android SDK

  • Enter a name to your Android Virtual Device
  • Select target Android version from the Target drop down box
  • Give the size of SD card and then click Create AVD
  • It will take time to create Android Virtual Device (AVD)

Create New Android Virtual Device  on Android SDK

Configure Installed Android with Eclipse

Run the Eclipse ......

  • First run of Eclipse it will ask the default workplace, you must be mention the default workplace folder
  • Go to the Help -- Install New Software

Add Android to Eclipse

  • Click Add button in install window to install Android Developer Tool

Add Android to Eclipse 2

  • Name it as Android
  • Add Location as and do OK
Developer Tool of Android on Eclipse

  • After click OK, in the next popup box Select Developer Tools and click Next and accept license agreement and finish it

  • Eclipse IDE will gives you a warning message saying Your installation software that contains unsigned content ...... just OK and restart your Eclipse IDE

  • Eclipse Warning

Restart Eclipse

  • Now you need to give the Android SDK location to the popup which will be display when Eclipse IDE restart
  • When the Eclipse IDE starts there will be a configuration popup which will ask the Android SDK location
  • Select Use existing SDK and then browse the Android SDK location and finish
Add Android SDK location to Eclipse

Now your Android development Environment is ready for development. Start your First Android Application in Eclipse Hello world Android Example


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