Friday, June 8, 2012

Install Android application on Android Device


APK Creation in Eclipse and Install on Android Device

In this tutorial you will be learn how to install developed Android application on your Android Device. You must know the correct Android Version of your device before you going to create APK file.Here I am going to install previous Android ListView example with Image and Text  application on android device.

Device is Cisco Cius and the Android Version is 2.2.2 

Android list view on cisco cius

Check API Levels 

Open your android AndroidListView  project in eclipse , you may download it from here AndroidListView. Go to the application property and select android on left pane. Select android version of your device

android project properties

Change the  SDK API Level     <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="8" />      according to your version


Export Android Application and Create APK file 

Right click on the project and click on Export and select Export Android Application

Export Android Application in Eclipse

Export Android Application in Eclipse

Click next and select create new keystore give the name with location for key, give password and click next.

create android key

Fill required fields in the next screen and give the destination for APK file and finish it.

android key creation

Create Android APK and Install on Android Device

Allow Installation of non-Market Application

Now you create the APK file and it is ready to install on your Android Device. Your android device may give the permission to install your application. Select Unknown Source  Go to Setting -> Application Setting  ->Unknown Source and tick check box which will allow to install non-market application on your device.

Copy APK file to your SD card and insert it to your device, install it and run.


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Thanks for your post...

I am developing an app which accesses a webservice. Currently in my office I am not allowed to connect my mobile to the network.

Is there a way I can allow the device to access the network via eclipse ?

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